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Become a member today! All of our members get priority on affiliate marketing opportunities for Club goods, including our Club recycled precious metals products. Members can earn great recurring revenue for marketing and sales. Membership is a great way to work from home and help the environment at the same time. Build wealth and protect your future while selling gold silver and palladium. AWB Token sales reclaim precious metals!

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AWB Tokens... Better than Gold

All new purchases of AWB Tokens (called Active World Bits) are now backed by 1 ounce of wholly recycled and refined precious metal. This 1 ounce basket of recovered gold silver and palladium is 99% pure precious metal. The one ounce basket is 20% gold; 77% silver; and 3% palladium.  These tokens are a crypto asset built on the Ethereum Blockchain using ERC-20. AWB tokens can used for Club purchases and services or exchanged for precious metals.

Buy AWB to Save the Planet

Every newly issued AWB Token is now backed by a recycled basket of precious metals. Our Club is proud to support the environment by helping to reduce waste and keep hazardous materials out of landfills. Each purchase of an AWB Token directly contributes to the recycling and reuse of precious metal bearing items. Every Token is backed by a 1 ounce basket that is representative of the average % of recovered metal in a recycled load of scrap.

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Active World Club

Our Barter Club is designed to meet the unique needs of its members and provide a decentralized block chain enabled crypto token to facilitate trade and store value. The club concierge services are sophisticated enough to provide complex financial solutions for asset liquidity, acquisitions, and transfers. Our members actively support the Active World Club community. In return members receive rewards, perks, and valuable services, luxury goods, and discounts on great merchandise.

The goal of Active World Club is to provide members with exceptional opportunities, rewards, perks, and services based on trade and opportunities facilitated by AWB Tokens.


Become a Club Member Now by Buying 1 Token for $460

Buy the Club Tokens backed by Gold, Silver, and Palladium! New club members will receive a one year discounted membership. (Convert to physical metals or other assets through our dedicated Club Concierge).