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Active World Club Member Funding Program

Sometimes vital financing can be difficult for business owners and self-employed individuals. Traditional banks are less and less relationship oriented across the globe. Even great real estate backed projects get missed everyday because of tight credit departments and lenders that just don’t understand.

We are lifelong entrepreneurs that have faced the same ridiculous obstacles to closing great opportunities in all sorts of economic environments and countries. It’s a serious market problem that has led to the rise of predatory lending, merchant cash advance programs, and major financial stress for thousands of businesses. This has been going on for way too long, and its unhealthy for the economy and the lifestyle of the individual entrepreneur.

Active World Club has developed a solution. Leveraging the versatility of our own AWB decentralized crypto tokens, and the power of our membership community, we can now offer members only funding and finance opportunities for both sides of the transaction.
Active World Club offers a variety of funding options and opportunities for members to receive and provide capital for exciting club only projects, real estate, and offerings.

Fund or get Funded simply by becoming an Active World Club Member today !
Sign up for an annual membership today and get 50 free AWB tokens to apply to any listed club funding project. Tokens are also valid for the purchase of all club products and services. Unlimited new tokens can be purchased at any time. For a limited time, get the annual Active World Club Membership for the discounted price of $500. Buy additional AWB Tokens for only $5 a token and participate in unlimited club offerings, products, and services.

Need funding for your project quickly ? Members can present unlimited projects for approval and presentation to the Active World Club community. Become a member today and get started raising the capital you need and get 50 free tokens.

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  1. A membership community for funding through tokens and club relationships is a great idea. I can’t wait to get started.

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