Coming Soon, AWB to be Redeemable for Recycled Precious Metal Basket

Beginning Monday February 22, 2021 all new sales of Active World Club’s AWB Tokens will directly contribute to the recycling and reuse of precious metals and rare earth materials. Purchases of the Club Tokens will reduce waste and help to keep hazardous materials out of landfills around the globe. Buying AWB will help to reduce mining activity for rare earth minerals, while providing Club Members with a value store crypto token. The AWB will be redeemable for the physical delivery of the recycled and refined precious metals basket that it represents. This unique basket of precious metals will be proportional to the average recovery results that we have achieved over years of recycling and refining. Each new purchase of an AWB Token will be backed by a 1 ounce basket of 99% pure Gold, Silver, and Palladium. These are the most valuable metals that are commonly recovered through our recycling and refining process. The 1 ounce basket will be representative of the average % of recovered metals in a full industrial load of recycled and refined material that our Club Members help keep out of landfills.

The 1 ounce basket will consist of: Silver .77 oz; Gold .20 oz; and Palladium .03 ozs

The AWB Token prices will change throughout the day depending on commodity prices and market conditions. More details including rules for physical delivery of metals will be posted this weekend. Watch for changes to the site in preparation for this exciting new benefit for Club Members. Help us make the world a cleaner place, and protect your wealth, with recycled Gold, Silver, and Palladium.

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