Active World Bits / AWB Tokens

Barter and then store your value in AWB Tokens. Contact us today to acquire tokens through asset exchange, swaps, and trades.

Barter & Trade

Bartering for assets & services and storing value using AWB Tokens as a stable secure means of transfer, for real estate, art, jewelry, business services, business sales, loans, and more...

Backing New Projects

Our club gives members and project creators the opportunity to support and promote unique offerings within a social community.


Club Members Earn Tokens Back on Every Trade

Members can earn additional AWB tokens for bartering and spending loyalty within the club. Earn up to 1% back on all tokens used in trade.

Velocity Auto Concierge

A very unique aspect of Active World Club is access to the Velocity Auto Concierge. This perk gives members the ability to barter and save on exotic and classic car acquisitions, rentals, and maintenance. Our auction service lets you use AWB tokens to bid on great cars through our licensed dealers.

2019 Mclaren P1

Next Steps... Become a Member!

Members get private access to all of these and more great opportunities, directly through our individually customized concierge service.